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TV Movie 2018

A group of friends run a popular travel vlog that helps fund their adventures. Paige (Gina Vitori), the leader of the group, includes her younger sist...

Director: Jose Montesinos

Stars: Aubrey Reynolds, Gina Vitori, Lanett Tachel, Taylor Jorgensen, Michael S. New, Pope Bustos, Russell Geoffrey Banks

3.2 IMDb 3 Views
American Dresser

When a recent widower consumed with regret seeks absolution in riding his motorcycle cross-country to confront the mistakes of his past, he unexpected...

Director: Carmine Cangialosi

Stars: Jeff Fahey, Penelope Ann Miller, Bruce Dern, Gina Gershon, Keith David, Tom Berenger, Kathrine Narducci, Andrew Bryniarski, Becky O'Donohue, Rob Moran, Elle McLemore, Carmine Cangialosi, Scott Shilstone, Jennifer Damiano, Jim Ford

5.1 IMDb 5 Views
Running for Grace

A timeless tale that takes place against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields in 1920s Hawaii - a coming-of-age journey about a young man who ...

Director: David L. Cunningham

Stars: Jim Caviezel, Matt Dillon, Ryan Potter, Olivia Ritchie, Juliet Mills, Nick Boraine, Peyton Dilweg, Cole Takiue, Rumi Oyama, Stelio Savante, Sara Naby Kim, Derek Hall, Shiro Kawai, Jon Sakata, Dann Seki

6.1 IMDb 10 Views
Apocalypse Rising

They came from a doomed world to save us from the same fate.

Director: Richard Lowry

Stars: Hunter Alexes Parker, Shane Samples, Justin Lebrun, Johanna Rae, Victoria Steadman, James R. Frey, Kelly Brown, Shiah Luna, David Namminga, Katelyn Levario, Dennis Marin, John R Mangus, Ronald Bush, Chaise Adams, Ethan Jessee

5.0 IMDb 7 Views
Monster Hunt 2

The story continues with Wuba after he parts way with his human parents Tian and Lan for his own journey. Peace has not been restored in the monster w...

Director: Raman Hui

Stars: Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Baihe Bai, Boran Jing, Yuchun Li, Tony Yo-ning Yang, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Eric Tsang

5.3 IMDb 8 Views
Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
TV Movie 2019

ZIM discovers his almighty leaders never had any intention of coming to Earth and he loses confidence in himself for the first time in his life, which...

Director: Young Kyun Park, Jhonen Vasquez

Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz, Rikki Simons, Andy Berman, Melissa Fahn, Rodger Bumpass, Wally Wingert, Kevin McDonald, Olivia d'Abo, Eric Bauza, Breehn Burns, Justin Roiland, Fred Tatasciore, Jenny Goldberg, Mo Collins, Michael McDonald

8.4 IMDb 12 Views
The Secret Life of Pets 2

Continuing the story of Max and his pet friends, following their secret lives after their owners leave them for work or school each day.

Director: Chris Renaud, Jonathan del Val

Stars: Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford, Eric Stonestreet, Jenny Slate, Tiffany Haddish, Lake Bell, Dana Carvey, Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress, Chris Renaud, Ellie Kemper, Pete Holmes, Henry Lynch, Nick Kroll

6.5 IMDb 14 Views
The Outer Wild

After an unnatural event leaves mankind nearly extinct, a runaway girl and a rogue bounty hunter brave a dangerous wilderness to find a fabled sanctua...

Director: Philip Chidel

Stars: Lauren McKnight, Christian Oliver, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Tory Taranova, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Zach Roerig, Dean Stapleton, Kari White, Alaina Garland, Marisa Cardin, Jessee J. Clarkson, Alex Cumming, Alejandra Infantes, Jeff Meyers, Matt Mitzel

3.5 IMDb 17 Views
Hold the Dark

After the deaths of three children suspected to be killed by wolves, writer Russell Core is hired by the parents of a missing six-year-old boy to trac...

Director: Jeremy Saulnier

Stars: Beckam Crawford, Riley Keough, Jeffrey Wright, Michael Tayles, Issac Bird, Joseph Whitebird, Zandus Snow, Julian Black Antelope, Alexander Skarsgård, Conor Boru, Anabel Kutay, Emmanuel Imani, Tantoo Cardinal, Clarence Hoof, Savannah Bird

5.6 IMDb 12 Views
Aliens Ate My Homework
Video 2018

Extraterrestrials invade Earth and a pair of middle schoolers hold the fate of the world in their hands in Aliens Ate My Homework, a delightfully comi...

Director: Sean McNamara

Stars: London Cardinal, Ty Consiglio, Christian Convery, Bruce Coville, Jayden Greig, Carmela Nossa Guizzo, Lanein Harrison, Christine Lee, Lauren McNamara, Dan Payne, Sean Quan, Tristan Risk, Kirsten Robek, Sandy Robson, William Shatner

4.9 IMDb 3 Views
The Darkest Minds

Imprisoned by an adult world that now fears everyone under 18, a group of teens form a resistance group to fight back and reclaim control of their fut...

Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Stars: Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore, Bradley Whitford, Harris Dickinson, Patrick Gibson, Skylan Brooks, Miya Cech, Gwendoline Christie, Wade Williams, Mark O'Brien, Wallace Langham, Golden Brooks, Sammi Rotibi, Lidya Jewett, McCarrie McCausland

5.7 IMDb 9 Views
S.M.A.R.T. Chase

A washed-up private security agent has to escort a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai but is ambushed en route.

Director: Charles Martin

Stars: Orlando Bloom, Lei Wu, Simon Yam, Hannah Quinlivan, Lynn Xiong, Jing Liang, Da Ying, Rong Chang, Xing Yu, Thomas Price, Ruoxi Wang, Lyon Zhang, Zhengfu Yi, Xiyuan Zhang, Guansong Huang

5.3 IMDb 15 Views
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